North American DataCom understands that your business demands a protected, safe and secure environment for housing the equipment necessary to support your customers. That's why we are building world-class facilities designed specifically for Internet business activity.

Our Data Centers will be located directly on our fiber backbone network and are being designed and equipped to handle the most extreme situations, including equipment failures, natural disasters, power outages and other unforeseen calamities.

North American DataCom's Data Centers will feature:

  • Data-Grade HVAC
  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant Power Feeds and Back-Up Generators
  • 24x7 Secure Entry
  • Advanced Fire Suppression System
  • 24x7 Technical Staff and Support
  • Redundant Internet Connections
  • Secure Cabinet and Cage Space
  • Flexible Space Configuration
  • Continuous Camera Coverage

North American DataCom's Data Centers are being designed to provide the optimum environment for your mission critical applications and services. North American DataCom is committed to provide you with the most reliable and secure Data Center Services possible. At North American DataCom, we take this commitment seriously; our reputation rides on it.


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