Data storage needs are increasing exponentially as businesses look to the Internet and enterprise-wide applications to drive their business. For emergent and established companies alike, the challenge to be first to market, the conservation of limited capital resources and the protection of proprietary corporate data are ever increasing concerns.

North American DataCom understands that continuous, anytime and anywhere access to your data is a requirement. Utilizing the latest in reliable, fully redundant storage devices, North American DataCom will provide non-stop operation and fault tolerant, seamless fail over capability.

For safe and secure synchronous real-time data mirroring, North American DataCom will utilize fiber channel technology across fully dedicated and redundant "dark" fiber connections to the North American DataCom storage points-of-presence. Whichever storage point-of-presence you utilize, you can rest secure that your data will be protected by North American DataCom's skilled staff of technical professionals.


Primary Data Storage Service

Data Back-Up and Restoration Services

Real-Time Data Mirroring Services