North American DataCom will provide data storage infrastructure expertise and management for enterprise class primary data storage, seasonal data storage demands and point-in-time copies of data. Being suited towards e-businesses, North American DataCom's primary data storage solutions will offer a cost-effective, scaleable, highly reliable and secure storage environment.

At North American DataCom, we understand the critical challenges your business faces today: Time-to-Market, Scale-to-Market and the need to make the most of limited critical resources.

For those applications that require long-term storage and archiving of data, North American DataCom will provide you with cataloguing, indexing, data management and warehousing solutions to accommodate your long-term data storage requirements.

With storage solutions from North American DataCom, companies can feel secure that they are leveraging their data assets strategically while meeting the marketplace demands placed upon them in the new broadband economy.

North American DataCom is committed to providing secure, scaleable and robust data storage solutions to meet your every storage need.


Primary Data Storage Service

Data Back-Up and Restoration Services

Real-Time Data Mirroring Services