The bricks and mortar economy of the past is giving way to the "clicks and mortar" economy of tomorrow. The instantaneous exchange of vast amounts of visual, audio and data communications is becoming the norm, and not the exception.

Data storage needs are increasing exponentially as businesses look to the Internet and enterprise-wide applications to drive their business. For emergent and established companies alike, the challenge to be first to market, the conservation of limited capital resources and the protection of proprietary corporate data are ever increasing concerns.

North American DataCom understands these concerns and is developing a wide range of solutions for companies that understand that acquiring and managing data is not among their core competencies. With storage solutions from North American DataCom, companies can feel secure that they are regarding their data as a strategic asset while effectively leveraging its limited Information Technology resources.

North American DataCom is developing fast and reliable primary data storage solutions, data back-up and restoration solutions in addition to site synchronous real-time data mirroring solutions.

North American DataCom is committed to providing secure, scaleable and robust data storage solutions to meet your every storage need.


Primary Data Storage Service

Data Back-Up and Restoration Services

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